Petface Planet – The plastic of yesterday is the dog toy of today!

Petface, the pet product experts has recently launched the Petface Planet product range, an eco-influenced collection of pet products, carefully sourced from natural and recycled materials.    

Across the UK we use on average 7.8 billion plastic bottles every year, which is around 117 bottles per person.   

Inspired by our world’s endangered ecosystems, the debut “Rainforest Range” highlights animals living within the biodiversity of rainforest habitats.  

Petface Planet features bright and colourful characters, toys, and bedding for Dogs and Cats, including a Chameleon, Piranha, Tree Frog, Crocodile, and Toucan – all made from recycled plastic.  

John Pullen, Director Petface, explained; “It won’t come as a surprise to many that sourcing recycled materials is relatively easy, however we went to great lengths to understand the origin of all materials used and ensure they gained the relevant certification, giving ourselves and our customers the reassurance this is a truly ecofriendly range.”  

Petface were eager to look to create new eco-friendly products while understanding the whole journey of all the materials used. Working hard to ensure the range is truly ‘Eco’ and Sustainable, with transparent traceability.    


The Petface Emporium – Showrooms Reinvented!

Petface, the pet product experts have reinvented the “showroom”, and launched the Petface Emporium, a fun filled immersive experience showcasing thousands of products from the Petface collection.  


Covering an area of 120 square metres, the concept inspired by the ever growing ‘Pets are Family’ trend in the ‘humanisation of pets’, and aimed towards the change in demographic Pet owners. 


The Birmingham based JAMRAR Design built on the creative ideas and the strong Petface branding, resulting in a product playroom not just for fur babies, but their grownups alike! Trade customers can even bring their four-legged friends to share in the fun! 


Featuring branded FSDUs, integrated digital screens with the Petface trade portal, and architectural elements that have been specifically designed to enhance each of the product ranges, the Petface Emporium is the next step in creating interactive showrooms for the trade customer of 2021.  


Katrina Hall, Senior Category Manager at Petface said: “The feedback from our trade customers has been huge, with many planning to use the ideas we’ve created as inspiration for presenting products in their own stores and garden centres”. 


The Petface Emporium has also been digitally scanned into a virtual 3D environment using the latest scanning technology.