Endangered habitat inspired, eco influenced product design for pets

Petface has launched Petface Planet, a range of eco-influenced pet products, carefully sourced from natural and recycled materials.  

Inspired by our world’s endangered ecosystems

Inspired by our world’s endangered ecosystems, the debut “Rainforest Range” highlights animals living within the biodiversity of rainforest habitats. The range features bright and colourful characters, toys, and bedding for Dogs and Cats, including a Chameleon, Piranha, Tree Frog, Crocodile, and Toucan – all made from recycled plastic.

How it works....

Across the UK, we use on average 7.8 billion bottles every year, which is around 117 bottles per person, of which only 56% of bottles are actually recycled.

Many bottles end up buried in landfill, or polluting our rivers and seas, contributing to the death of 1,000,000 sea creatures every year, or dumped in the British countryside that kills thousands of animals.

We are all becoming more aware of our environmental impact and our responsibilities to our carbon footprint, which is why Petface has been looking to the future by developing a new range of pet toys using recycled plastic bottles.

The bottles are separated by plastic type, then shredded, washed, and reformed into pellets, which can then be used to a create a variety of fun toys that are safe for your pets.

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